Dr. Charles Kim | Gentle Smile
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Dr. Charles Kim


Doctor of dental medicine, University of Washington


Lead Dentist

About Me

All throughout high school and college, I dreamt of becoming an electrical engineer. However, I didn’t realize what my true passion was until I traded in my electrical engineer’s hat for a dentist’s gown 20 years ago. Why did I switch, you ask? I wanted to make a direct impact on people’s lives by improving their smile, contributing towards a more positive self-image. When a patient sheds tears because of my beautiful work, words cannot describe the satisfaction I feel. It makes me strive even harder to provide beautiful dentistry for my patients. I’ve learned from some of the best dentists and have had 20+ years of providing beautiful life-changing dentistry. I am excited for what I can offer my patients, changing people’s lives one person at a time. That’s why I come in excited to work every day.
My best work can be yours.