How Often Should I See A Dentist?

Happy New Year, 2019 is here!  After all of those holiday sweet treats, it may be time for your next dental checkup!  The American Dental Association recommends you to see your dentist at least twice a year.  Some individuals may need more frequent visits, depending on their periodontal health.  If you are someone who accumulates tarter quickly, then more frequent visits may be necessary.

Did you know that multiple oral health problems are associated with a higher risk of death? (Kim et al, 2013)  Regular cleanings & checkups may help you live longer!  At your dental checkups, our trained staff and Doctor’s evaluate your periodontal (gum) health to determine whether your homecare and body’s chemistry necessitate more frequent visits to our office.  These important visits are not only to get your teeth cleaned by removing tartar from above and below the gumline, but potential problems can also be addressed before they become a toothache.

If you’re due, or even a little over-due for your checkup (we understand the Holidays can be busy!), feel free to schedule an appointment with us at our Kirkland or Everett locations.

Our Kirkland, WA staff celebrated a great 2018 with dinner (and a lot of laughter) at Blue Ginger in Bellevue, Washington.